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Air Force Petroleum Office (AFPET) Fact Sheet

The Air Force Petroleum Office, a staff agency reporting to the Commander, Supply Chain Operations Wing, Scott AFB, Illinois. Located at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, AFPET, provides the Air Force energy enterprise with comprehensive information, services, and technical expertise needed to provide global petroleum and aerospace energy management, technical expertise, and logistics capabilities to air, space and ground forces across the spectrum of operations.

The Air Force Petroleum Office is the service control point for all Defense Logistics Agency fuel-related support issues. The office provides a full range of technical and professional services related to fuels, propellants, chemicals, lubricants, gases, and cryogenics for all aerospace vehicles, systems, and equipment. The office:

  • Provides contingency, operational and technical support to Air Force installations and fuels managers worldwide.
  • Develops, evaluates, and recommends new or improved technologies to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of fuel operational support capabilities.
  • Oversees and assists commanders in implementation of fuel product distribution and fuel quality programs.
  • Provides specialized capabilities in propellant handling, alternative fuels, suspect product/systems contamination investigations, and laboratory analyses.
  • Develops fuel quality assurance/surveillance standards and fuel product specifications.
  • Provides subject matter expertise support to all Air Force Fuels Flights for equipment accountability, requisitions and allowance standard authorizations.

NOTE: The term "fuel" in this fact sheet includes petroleum, alternative fuels, propellant, chemical, lubricants, gases, and cryogenic products used in aerospace and vehicle operations.

AFPET employs 67 civilians, 9 officers and 30 enlisted military members.

The headquarters office is co-located with the Defense Logistics Agency at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

AFPET is commanded by an Air Force colonel with a senior-level civilian as deputy director. The organization is composed of three directorates -- Operations Support, Mission Support, and Product Support, including six area, aerospace laboratories with worldwide presence. The directorates provide services to customers and coordination with business partners and act as the point of contact for Air Force fuel-related work. AFPET directly communicates with industry, government agencies, other military services, NATO, and all levels of organizational structure within the Air Force.

AFPET has a worldwide presence with offices located at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, and Robins AFB, Georgia. AFPET also has fuel laboratories at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio; Vandenberg Air Force Base, California; Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida; RAF Mildenhall, England; Kadena Air Base, Japan; and a contingency laboratory at a forward deployed location in Southwest Asia.

Additionally, AFPET maintains an Equipment Management function at Robins AFB, GA.

Point of Contact
Air Force Petroleum Office, 8725 John J. Kingman Road; Fort Belvoir, VA 22160-6232; DSN 427-5062 or commercial 703-767-5062; e-mail: afpet@dla.mil.