Air Force Petroleum Agency Change of Command

Fort Belvoir, VA -- Today's change of command ceremony was another milestone event for the agency.  Major General Gary T. McCoy, Director, Logistics Readiness, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Installations, Logistics, and Mission Support presided over the ceremony.  The Air Force Petroleum Agency (AFPA, also known as AFPET) is a Field Operating Agency (FOA) reporting to his office.  AFPET became a FOA effective December 1, 2006.  Formerly, AFPET was Det 3, Warner Robins ALC. 

Colonel Francis J. Rechner, the agency's first commander, relinquished command, and Colonel Kenneth P. "Tiger" Hession assumed command.  Remarks by Major General McCoy highlighted the accomplishments of both outgoing and incoming officers in their previous assignments, as well as the role of their families in providing support to help make these accomplishments possible. He also acknowledged the outstanding group of professionals making up the AFPET.  Major General McCoy especially highlighted the work done to execute the organizational realignment of the AFPET.  

Colonel Rechner's remarks focused on the accomplishments of "Team AFPET", consisting of military, civilian, contractor, and family members, who made his tour of duty both fun and extremely satisfying.  Colonel Hession thanked everyone associated with arranging the ceremony, thanked Major General McCoy for giving him the opportunity to command the agency, and promised to carry on in the traditions of Colonel Rechner to lead the agency forward to meet the challenges of the mission in a very dynamic world environment.

Colonel Rechner departs the area soon to become the Mission Support Group Commander at McChord AFB.